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Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., is the CEO and Founder of Live in Their World. Robin is a clinical psychologist and author. She was the lead author of a study to investigate using “VR for good.” Over the years, she has combined her interest in immersive technologies with her coaching and clinical experiences to foster a deeper understanding of empathy in the workplace. Robin is available for media interviews and speaking engagements (in person and virtual.)  Some of her most recent appearances are available below.

Suggested Topics for Discussion

Hybrid Workplaces: Addressing Culture, Inclusion, Fairness, Engagement

The Psychology Behind Building an Inclusive Workplace

Creating Inclusive Team Meetings

Why “Bring Your Whole Self to Work” Might Be a Bad Idea

Inclusivity as a Career Competency

Is Inclusion Possible in a Cancel Culture?

Best Practices in Giving and Receiving Feedback

Digital, Remote, and Virtual Work: Rethinking the Workplace From the Ground Up

Workplace Civility: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Getting “Now What?” Results From DEI Training

Solutions to Addressing Intent Versus Impact

Why Diversity Without Inclusion is Doomed to Fail

What Are Leadership Skills for Civility and Why Do Leaders Need Them?

Civility As a Workplace Habit

Virtual Reality In the Workplace: Soft Skills Training

Using Virtual Reality to Understand and Address Bias

Suggested Questions for Robin

What do you mean by civility?

What got you interested in civility and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?

How does your background as a psychologist influence the work you’re doing with Live in Their World?

Why are you interested in civility?

Why does your company use virtual reality as part of its program?

What are three things leaders can do to promote DEI?

Why do you have a Dear Robin column?

What have been some sustaining moments since you founded Live in Their World?

Do you think remote work will remain feasible after the pandemic is over?

What are likely to be the most challenging aspects in having a remote or hybrid workforce?

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