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The injustices and tragedies of 2020 have shed more light on action in increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion.  Incivility and the consequences of bias and micro-aggressions cost companies and employees time, money, lost productivity, legal risk, and heartache.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our program contains various tracks, with each track helping employees understand a new perspective and upskill for respectful behavior. We offer three types of tracks:

  • Demographic tracks, in which employees are put in the perspective of someone from a given demographic group and experience the work-related biases and disrespect typically experienced by people from that group, as well as how employees can do things more respectfully going forward. Examples include the Black Man track, the Black Woman track, and the White Woman track.

  • Sexual harassment prevention, in which employees are put in various situations to understand how certain interactions can be seen as harassment—or a slippery slope toward harassment—and ways even bystanders can address such situations. There are two tracks of this type: one for all employees, and one that specifically addresses the responsibilities of supervisors. These tracks conform to CA and NY state requirements.

  • Leadership skills for civility: This track helps leaders deepen their soft skills for respectful engagement.

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As companies prioritize their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts, there is understandable anxiety about these initiatives and interventions: how will they be received? Will they help the company achieve its DEI objectives?

Live in Their World (LITW) is a program to help all employees of a company become more sensitive to bias and its effects and develop more respectful and productive ways to interact with each other. Employees go through different demographic tracks, learning in small, powerful doses spread throughout the year for more effective learning and retention.

Our empirically-backed psychological approach deploys virtual reality (VR) software that gives users the first-person perspective of people from various demographics. Our program is built to be self-directed, engaging, motivating for behavior change, and distributed over time for sustained behavior change.

We work with your organization’s unique DEI objectives to onboard a program that creates confidence and, most importantly, also promotes real change. Our program provides users a powerful sense of the lived experience of bias, inequity, and incivility that they might not otherwise face. This gives rise to a deeper understanding of colleagues’ perspectives, and initiates openness and curiosity regarding the experience of “the other.”

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