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What do you mean by civility?

Civility is respect. It’s treating others with courtesy. It’s being thoughtful of others, and being aware of how one’s own actions (and those of other people) might affect others. Oftentimes, when people’s biases impact their behavior or they act uncivilly, the individual on the receiving end of the incivility may respond with a level of emotion that others think is “too emotional” or “aggressive” or unwarranted. In fact, when an emotional response or reaction is involved, the person who acted uncivilly might believe that the person responding is being uncivil. Unfortunately, this perspective shifts the conversation from an opportunity to understand how things could be improved to a focus on the person who acted uncivilly as the “victim” of incivility. This focus away from the initial incivility and learning opportunities has historically happened more frequently to people of color.

Can employees do the program remotely?

Yes. The full Live in Their World program can be done from anywhere, at any time of day or night, as long as the employee has internet access.

Why does your program use VR?

Simply put, using it enhances increases empathy, curiosity, learning, and behavior change. Research shows that, compared to reading or watching regular video, people who experienced the same content in VR were more likely to change their behavior based on what they learned and retained. VR helps people hold another perspective alongside their own, which is critical for fostering empathy and awareness. Finally, VR helps pique curiosity, which can curb the defensiveness (psychologically speaking: reactance) that is often documented as a result of traditional DEI training efforts.

Is there research to support the use of VR in HR training?

Yes. Multiple studies from different companies and from universities show that using VR can enhance training in soft skills. Our own research also shows this. For instance, in a study of our White Woman track, we put users in the VR headset so that they are in the shoes—literally—of a 35-year-old white woman. Users experienced from her point of view various work situations in which there was gender bias or incivility. After the VR experience, male users can more accurately identify workplace situations where there is a gender-related issue and have decreased stereotypic responses about women and work (on the Gender-Career Implicit Associations Test).

What are the components of your program?

Each “track” has three modules: a VR-based learning module for emotional learning; an online-based e-learning module for cognitive learning; and an employee survey module that assesses the level of respectful engagement and civility at the start of each track. The survey module allows us to track ROI over time. We recommend that each module be done at separate times to provide distributed learning in small chunks to help people learn and remember more effectively.

Is your program for leaders and managers or all employees

Our scalable program is intended for all employees. We recommend that teams go through the program within close proximity of each other, allowing the ability to learn as a team. The goal is to have everyone in the company deeply understand what respectful engagement is, how to do it, and be able to act as “upstanders” rather than bystanders. That said, a healthy work culture starts at the top, so we also offer specific training for leaders and managers.

What kind of equipment is required for your program?

No equipment is required; the virtual reality modules can be experienced remotely using inexpensive mobile VR headsets with mobile phones, or via computer, viewed as 180-degree video, and in offices with Oculus headsets.

What tracks are available?

We currently have tracks about the lived experience of a Black man, a Black woman, and a White woman in the workplace. We also offer anti-sexual harassment tracks for all employees, as well as for supervisors. We have additional tracks in development; please reach out to learn more.

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