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The Hybrid Model Coming Our Way: What We Can and Can’t Anticipate

Rebel Human Resources Podcast Episode 43: Virtual Reality for Employee Development with Robin Rosenberg

How to Stop Perpetuating ‘Ghosting’ Culture

Viewpoint: Teaching Young Employees to Have Hard Conversations

April 5th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

Robin S. Rosenberg of Live in Their World: “Make compensation packages public”

Wisdom From The Women Leading The VR, AR & Mixed Reality Industries, With Robin S. Rosenberg of Live in Their World

Diversity and Inclusion through VR with Robin Rosenberg

Virtual Reality for Soft Skills Training: Emotional, Cognitive and Compassionate Empathy With One Tool

This is what men really mean when they say this to a woman at work

Live In Their World is Certified By the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

The Foregrounding of “Equity” in “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”

5 Steps We Must Take To Truly Create An Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society

How to Create a Culture of Curiosity and Openness: Moving Beyond Call-Out Culture

1375: Live In Their World - Changing Workplace Culture With VR

Addressing Racial Injustice in the Workplace, Part 2: The Development of Assessment Tools for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Empathy is the next great opportunity for tech

“Be adaptive and creative.” With Douglas Brown & Robin S Rosenberg

Why Understanding Other People’s Perspectives Is Important

Virtual Reality Training for Managers in a Post-COVID-19 Workplace

How Virtual Reality Works to Help Create a More Inclusive Workplace

Your personality type helps determine how you respond to COVID-19

A Virtual Reality Bias Simulator

When You Have To Make A Choice

Remote Civility: Adapting Employees to Working-At-Home Relationships

New Program Combats Racial and Gender Bias in the Workplace Using Virtual Reality

Encouraging Civility Among Remote Employees: 7 Strategies

#25 | Live in Their World: Robin Rosenberg

Using Virtual Reality to Encourage Prosocial Behavior

Virtual reality reaches out to save relationships

#WorkTrends: Improving Work Culture with VR

Achieving “Now What” Results From Diversity and Inclusion Training: 3 Factors for Lasting Behavior Change

Viewpoint: Introverts and Extraverts in the Time of COVID-19

Developing a Never-Too-Late-to-Apologize Culture

Encouraging Civility Among Remote Employees: 7 Strategies

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