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Live in Their World and Dr. Robin Rosenberg discuss issues relevant to organizational culture, human resources, diversity, equity, inclusion, and risk mitigation. You can find recent content we've authored here, including our blog, our Dear Robin column, our Their World podcast, and recent publications.

Thought Leadership


Dr. Robin Rosenberg is a published clinical psychologist and regularly authors articles related to her work and that of Live in Their World.​

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Dear Robin

Our Dear Robin column addresses questions about workplace bias, disrespect, and incivility. The answers suggest possible ways such issues can be handled with respect and integrity.


Robin says, “In my roles as both an executive coach and a psychotherapist, I often heard about challenging interactions at work in which people were disrespected, but were unclear what to do about it. The Live in Their World program is fundamentally about helping people be more respectful, and I thought that a column addressing specific disrespectful situations would continue that work."

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