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Live in Their World focuses on enhancing leaders' soft skills. Developed by Dr. Robin Rosenberg, our leadership training uses the science of learning and the science of psychology to help leaders lead well. The training aims to create and lead inclusive, respectful teams—whether employees are in office, remote, or a hybrid model. Live in Their World now offers two leadership workshop series, one on inclusive leadership, and one on leading a hybrid workforce.

Leadership Training

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Leading a Hybrid Workforce Well: Pitfalls, Best Practices, and Creating New Habits

  • Understand the variations of hybrid workforces, and their potential challenges, solutions, and opportunities,

  • Understand the ways that biases could affect a hybrid or remote workforce and be able to create solutions to address those biases,

  • Understand how policies may affect different age cohorts differently...

Leading With Respect: More Engagement, Better Performance

  • Understand deeply and communicate effectively why civility and inclusion are important (along with equity, diversity, and belonging),

  • Initiate civility and inclusion conversations with their employees,

  • Frame and co-create with their employees civility and inclusion guidelines (thereby creating new social norms)...

Are you setting new policies, guidelines and expectations for an all-remote or hybrid workforce?

Do you want to create and maintain inclusive teams, work units, and organizational behaviors more effectively?




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