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Where to Start with DEI in 2023

Dear Robin,

DEI is a huge endeavor to tackle in an organization, how do I know where to start in 2023?

I suggest starting at the beginning. Even before you start writing inclusive postings for open positions, look at the culture. Are teams—and managers—inclusive and welcoming to different points of view and conveying respect? If not, diversity efforts may not be successful, since new hires may decide your organization isn’t a good fit for them.

Thus, you want to focus both on diversity in the hiring process (the wording of the job description, the interview process, onboarding) and as well as inclusion in the company culture so that people who are hired want to remain in their jobs.

You’ll want to make sure new employees are successfully acculturated into the organization. Acculturation is more than onboarding. In a sense, it is the process that continues after onboarding. It is how the process by which new employees learn the actual—versus stated—culture, values, and “how things are done.”

Develop best practices to mitigate bias in hiring, also focusing on equity in compensation and professional development opportunity, upskilling current employees for inclusive behaviors (in a remote or hybrid work environment) to make new employees feel welcomed, included, valued.

Disclaimer: This question and response is provided for informational purposes only, and you should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of this content. It is strongly recommended that you immediately seek legal or other professional advice if you believe you are experiencing a problem requiring professional assistance. Robin Rosenberg and Live in Their World, Inc. disclaim all liability for actions you take or fail to take based on Dear Robin content.


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