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  • Robin Rosenberg

Why Conduct a DEI Survey

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) surveys are used to assist companies in obtaining a snapshot of DEI-related issues in an organization. In organizations that have been implementing DEI initiatives, it’s important to assess the effectiveness of the initiatives: Are they having the intended impact? Research suggests that, in some cases, the answer is no.

That’s why such surveys are important. They can take the pulse of the overall company culture, and can help identify any shortcomings or areas for improvement. After all, why spend the effort, money, and employees’ time on programs that don’t have the intended outcome? Surveys can assess the extent to which employees feel their voices are heard and respected, and that opportunities are equitable.

These anonymous surveys are an outlet in which employees can share candid, honest feedback regarding topics such as inclusion, diversity, belonging, fairness, civility, and respect. Such survey can also inform the sense of inclusion and equity experienced by remote or hybrid employees, and their data can be compared to that of people who are full-time in office.

As many teams and organizations are cutting back and trying to do more with less, the issue of equity and inclusion may be even more relevant.


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